• Explanation of important information for pre-season Spring Sports Meetings:

    Students-3.5 or higher grade point average each of first 3 quarters and you get a scholar athlete t-shirt-

    Eligibility-Not applicable this year

    Final Forms:

    All Final Forms should be completed-please if you have not done so get that done asap-will not participate in first event if not completed; please make sure you read all forms.  You are responsible to know the information on all forms you have signed.  Please make sure forms are signed by students and parents.  I encourage you to check mark all sports your student might be interested during the school year.

    Trainer is Bailey Roberts-she will assist with injuries, and be our concussion resource, hope to have trainer at several home basketball games, and Bailey will be a great resource for any injuries that occur during the season

    Transportation-Phoenix students will be shuttled to WWAY daily for practices and games, on game night bus will leave and return to WWAY

    Communication                                                                                                                                                                                                 1-First communication with team members, family and coaches, I encourage you to let students talk to coaches first if they have a concern; parents if you wish to speak to coach please set up a time, if you contact me first thing I will ask is if you spoke to the coach; if so be happy to listen-

    Parents please do not approach a coach after a game unless it is an emergency; an emergency does not mean you are unhappy with coaches strategy or student playing time-again please set up a time to meet with coach maybe before or after a practice-

    2-Communication for Events:  Coaches are responsible for daily communication; general communication will be on our web-site; if you go to WWAY click on Weekly updates you will have the schedule of events for the week that will include site, address, and admission, if you want more detail click on athletics, go to athletic calendar click on date you will get time, site, address, and directions available

    Athletic Fee Process:  Once the coaches give their rosters to Val Swearengen at WWAY we ask you pay your athletic fees by using my payments plus, same as paying your school fees; you may start paying online tomorrow-all fees must be in by the first regular season game.

    If you wish to pay by check please bring money directly to home school office and do not give to the coach; when you give check to coach please put in memo box, students name and sport- 

    If there is a hardship please contact the AD at your home school and a payment plan will be worked out. 

    Participation Fee: $125.00 per sport, Reduced lunch: $62.50, if you qualify for the reduced lunch program, Free lunch: No Fee; if you qualify for the free lunch program

    Philosophy-Skill and social development are key components in playing a sport, teaching young people to be part of being something bigger than themselves is a goal we strive for in our athletic program.  Playing time is up to our coaches, playing time will not be equal, and I have asked and encouraged coaches to be sure to make sure students understand their role and keep working hard to improve.  We do want our students to learn to compete, that is a life-long learning skill that is important. 

    Sportsmanship-Our expectations for students is to treat officials, team-mates, and opponents with respect; student is disrespectful; then I ask our coaches to take them out and not let them play-we have same expectation for parents, support our students our teams, and please parents do not let coach your child during the game, it is hard enough for middle school students to play in front of peers, but to have to decide who to listen to during a game, a coach or a parent who they love; just take a moment and think about it, again I understand, when my child played at WKHS I sat top row in the bleacher; please watch your comments, I have heard statements made what is that kid doing out there, they are hurtful, disrespectful and have no place in our athletic program.

    Team Pictures-TBA

    The Track and Field Team Meeting-TBA  

    Survey for all Parents to Read!

    College athletes were asked "What's your worst memory from youth & HS sports?" Overwhelming answer was "The ride home from games w/ my parents." Asked why because negative comments about child’s play or about their coach. Same college athletes were asked what their parents said that made them feel great: Their overwhelming response: "I love 2 watch u play."