Feeder Pattern Committee

  • As part of the Worthington Schools Master Facilities Plan, a Feeder Pattern Committee was formed. That committee was tasked with deciding which elementary school would move from the Thomas Worthington High School feeder pattern to the Worthington Kilbourne High School feeder pattern as part of the district goal to balance high school enrollment. The committee looked at a number of factors, including: socio-economic status, cost, distance, capacity, programming, economic impact and equivalent staff diversity.

    In March 2019, the committee made the recommendation that Slate Hill Elementary be reassigned to the WKHS feeder pattern with the start of the 2021 school year. That recommendation was accepted by the Worthington School Board. The WKHS staff has already held several events to welcome the Slate Hill Stars as WKHS Wolves and more are planned. 

    In November 2019, the committee reconvened with the task of reassigning which elementary schools feed into either Kilbourne or Worthingway Middle Schools and reassigning which elementary schools feed into either Perry or McCord Middle Schools starting in 2021.

    After the recommendations from the committee, students from Brookside and Bluffsview will move from McCord to Perry. In addition, students from Slate Hill will also attend Perry moving from Worthingway. Students from Wilson Hill will move from Kilbourne to Worthingway.

    The Thomas Worthington Feeder Pattern will be:

    • Kilbourne Middle – Colonial Hills, Evening Street
    • Worthingway Middle – Wilson Hill, Worthington Estates and Worthington Park.

    The Worthington Kilbourne Feeder Pattern will be:

    • McCord Middle – Granby, Liberty and Worthington Hills
    • Perry Middle – Bluffsview, Brookside and Slate Hill


    Later this spring (April 2020), district administrators will set up a meeting at each elementary school to provide information on the proposed 6-8 middle school schedule, transportation additions or changes, and to discuss what individual school traditions may look like for the 2021-2022 school year.  This will happen a full 15 months before the actual transitions occur providing us time to listen and make adjustments as necessary.