Students may elect to take designated courses on a pass/fail basis that they might not otherwise choose in view of the pressure for grades. To elect this grading option:

    • Determine if the desired course is designated for the pass/fail option by checking the Course Description.
    • Obtain the appropriate form from the Counseling Center.
    • Complete the form, including your parent’s/guardian's signature. Return form to the Counseling Center within the first 4 weeks of the semester.

    Be aware that:

    • The choice of pass/fail, once made, stays in effect throughout the course.
    • School policy regarding adding or dropping a course still applies.
    • Courses taken pass/fail receive graduation credit provided the student fulfills all course requirements.
    • A grade of pass (P) or fail (F) will be issued for the semester grade.
    • Pass/fail courses will not be counted in determining grade point average for Honor Roll, Class Rank or Academic Awards unless an “F” is received.