The purpose of auditing is to give the student an opportunity to explore a subject area by taking a course for no credit and no grade. An audited course will not count for athletic eligibility.  No audit requests will be accepted after the third day of the semester.

    The criteria for auditing are:

    • The student is expected to complete all assignments and to take all quizzes and tests.
    • The teacher is expected to maintain a record of grades, although no grade will appear on the student’s grade card or transcript.
    • If the teacher determines that the student is not performing at a satisfactory level or otherwise not fulfilling the expectations set forth for the course, the student will be expected to drop the audited course.

    To request audit status:

    • The student submits a request to audit a specific course to his/her counselor.
    • The counselor or administrator determines whether or not there isspace available in a section of the course requested.
    • The teacher and counselor determine whether or not the student qualifies based on previous work.
    • The student is notified regarding audit status.