The high school plans course sections and assigns staff based upon student requests at the time of course registration in February. Therefore, we ask students to give serious consideration to their course selections at that time and to not assume they will be able to change their selections later.  Class size limits or other factors may preclude replacing one course with another.

    Upon completion of course registration, if an insufficient number of students enroll in a particular course, that course is cancelled, and the student’s alternate course selection is substituted. Where enrollments are sufficient, reasonable class size limits are established; course sections are created, any need for a change in staffing is ad- dressed, the master schedule is built, and textbooks and supplies are ordered.  As schedules are run and adjustments are made to the master schedule, teachers and counselors help students resolve conflicts.  It is our top priority that each student has a viable schedule for the coming year (one which includes the required number of courses and meets graduation requirements appropriate to that level) by the time the current school year ends.

    Students who find they are failing or might fail a course should enroll in summer school as soon as they are aware of the possible failure.  If the student then passes the course and summer school is not needed, the fee will be refunded. Students who fail a course and do not plan to make up the credit in summer school should notify their counselor as soon as possible of the need to repeat the course in the fall.

    If, however, the student repeats a failed course or takes a course in the summer that he/she requested for the next school year, he/she must notify the counselor as soon as possible.

    Valid changes will be processed to the degree possible in the spring and as needed through the third day of school.  Change requests will be considered to be valid if they result from one of the following reasons:

    • schedule conflicts
    • mechanical errors
    • overloaded schedule
    • graduation requirements
    • physical health of the student
    • change in graduation date
    • completion of a correspondence or summer school course
    • admittance to or return from the Career Center
    • low / failing grades resulting in repeating a course
    • changing levels (teacher/counselor recommendation)
    • specific college entrance requirements
    • balancing class sizes (administrative)
    • administrative changes (teacher/counselor recommendation)
    • co-curricular/athletic eligibility requirements

    A limited number of personal preference requests may be considered during the first three days of school by the Exceptions Committee to accommodate changes in circumstances.

    Personal preference requests should adhere to the following reasons:

    • addition of a class in place of Academic Prep or Options during the same period (class size permitting)
    • converting an Option into a late arrival or early release during the same period(s)
    • changing a lunch period with an Academic Prep or Option (lunch sizes permitting)


    • The student secures a Schedule Change Request Form from the Counseling Center. (Deadlines and guidelines will be stated on the form.)
    • The student follows his/her current schedule until the request has been processed and, if a change is to be made, the new schedule has been generated.
    • The student checks the status of the request daily (if during the school year) or periodically (if during the summer) until a decision has been finalized.
    • All schedule change requests are subject to review by the Exceptions Committee.
    • No requests are guaranteed.
    • No change is to be assumed until a new schedule is generated.

    Level Change Policy

    • Definition - A level change is when a student would like to move from a more rigorous class to a traditional, less rigorous class. "Rigorous" classes include Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, or International Baccalaureate (IB).   

    • When- A student can request a level change at any time throughout the year. All changes are dependent upon the confines of the master schedule and are not guaranteed. Until you receive an updated copy of your schedule, you must continue to follow your current schedule.

    • Grades - Any grade you have earned, regardless of the duration you have been in the more rigorous class, will be used in the recalculation of your quarter/semester grade in your new class. 

    • How - In order to request a level change, please complete the "Schedule Change Request" form found in the School Counseling Office. This form requires the student, parent, and outgoing teacher's signatures.