All semester final grades received in Worthington subjects which could count toward graduation are used for computation of the student’s GPA, with the exception of “S” and “P” grades. Grades earned in middle school for high school subjects are not used for computation of grade point average or rank in class.  The same is true of courses which are audited or transferred into Worthington. Letter grades are equated as follows for semester courses:

    A = 4.00 points

    B = 3.00 points

    C = 2.00 points

    D = 1.00 point

    F = 0 points

    Note that in all cases pluses and minuses are not computed. Only Advanced Placement (AP), IB and College Credit Plus courses have “weighted” grades. The weighting system used equates letter

    grades as follows:

    A = 5.00 points

    B = 3.75 points

    C = 2.50 points

    D = 1.25 points

    F = 0 points