• The Linworth Experiential Program

    The Linworth Alternative Program, housed on the Linworth Campus, is a part of the Worthington School System for students seeking the opportunity to become self-directed learners. The pro- gram provides students with a small school atmosphere in which a student may choose to learn in traditionally taught classes or through learning contracts, in seminars, through independent study projects carried on outside the building and/or through concur- rent enrollment in a college or university. Courses not offered at the Linworth Campus may be taken at the student’s home school. The Linworth Program deals with interpersonal relations, use of time, self-image, problem solving and independent learning. Basic curriculum goals are the same as those of the other two campuses.


    The program is limited to 180 students. Each person desiring admission must visit the school, interview with a staff person and complete an application. Persons interested in this program should contact the Director of the Linworth Program for additional information.

    Students accepted into the program are expected to meet Worthington Schools’ graduation requirements in addition to meeting the requirements of the Linworth program. These requirements include:

    1. Interest in developing lifelong learning skills.
    2. Participation in at least one community service activity each year.
    3. One or more independent self-directed learning projects each year.


    While there is no grade point requirement for entry into the program, there is an expectation that each applicant has the necessary basic skills to successfully complete the standard high school curriculum. Many of the classes at Linworth are designed by staff with student input. Some examples of classes unique to the Linworth campus are:

    • Essential Books - a seminar course dealing with great works of literature
    • Walkabout — a semester-long, off-campus experiential learning opportunity for second semester seniors who have met all graduation requirements

    For more information, contact your counselor or the Director of the Linworth Program.