• Worthington Academy

    Who should attend?

    Worthington Academy will provide an additional educational setting for Worthington high school students that are credit deficient and/or looking for a different educational environment. The curriculum will be enhanced through the use of technology.

    Courses offered at the Worthington Academy will be in the areas of mathematics, English language arts, social studies and science. All courses will be a blended learning environment where students will be able to engage in online content, learn at their personal pace and engage with teachers in a small learning environment. The goal for student to teacher ratio is 15:1.

    Students will schedule a morning or afternoon session at the Worthington Academy. Students will then have flexibility to take elective courses back at their home high school, participate in co- curricular activities and all aspects of student life. Worthington Academy will work with students and families to develop a flexible plan that meets their individual needs.

    Students interested in attending the Worthington Academy should see their school counselor for application information and forms. All Worthington Academy applications should be returned to their school counselor. Seniors, or students approaching graduation, will receive priority scheduling. Students will be notified of their selection to the Worthington Academy towards the end of the current school year.

    Academy Admittance:

    • Students currently enrolled in Worthington Schools will apply to the Academy for the next school year during registration. Students entering Worthington Schools will have an admission process through the “Welcome Center”. Students who already attend Worthington Academy will be able to register with the Worthington Academy, but staff will review personal plans with students and families.
    • Academy staff will monitor student registration process and admit students. School counselors should turn in application materials to appropriate Academy Staff.
    • Seniors, or students approaching graduation, will receive priority scheduling.
    • Once students are admitted, Academy staff will schedule a Family Pathway Meeting to set goals, create their personalized pathway and program expectations.
    • As students complete their individualized pathway, building student referrals will then be processed and seats will be filled. This process will occur throughout the school year.
    • If students do not make progress to meeting their goals established in the Family Pathway Meeting, they may be asked to rescind their seat and return to their home school.


    Worthington Academy placement includes:

    • Academic Focus - A blended learning environment will support the individual needs of students including credit recovery, credit advancement and personalized intervention.
    • Career Exploration - Students will have opportunities to explore career activities, opportunity for skill development, work experience and potential credit through CBIP or Credit Flex.
    • Counseling Services - Counseling services will be available to focus on development of self-esteem, reframing our situations to be structured for success and work with students and families.
    • Goal Setting – Short- and Long-term goals will be established at Family Pathway Meeting. Goals will be monitored by students and staff and communicated with family members.


    Worthington Academy will:

    Initially there will be parent informational meetings to make certain parents receive an overview of the academy plan and philosophy. Individual Family Pathway meetings will occur with each student for scheduling purposes during spring or summer.

    As students surface through the year, the Academy will provide Family Pathway Meetings with the following present:

    • Parent(s)/Guardian
    • Building Level Principal or building designee at students assigned campus
    • Worthington Academy Instructor/Principal
    • Counselors will also be invited from the student’s home school unless one counselor is designated as the building representative for the Worthington Academy.
    • Provide weekly feedback regarding progress for each student via e-mail to parents through online content provider.