• Home Bound and Hospital Instruction

    Home instruction is an individualized special education program provided to a student with a handicap which prevents the student from attending a regular or special education program, even with the aid of special transportation.

    In establishing eligibility for home instruction, the following criteria must be met:  the student must have more than 15 consecutive days of school absence or more than 20 days of intermittent absence related to the same health impairment to be eligible for this program.  If it is known at the beginning of the absence that this amount of time or more will be involved, home instruction may begin as soon as eligibility is determined, a tutor is secured and an “Individualized Educational Program” is in place.

    In all cases a statement from a physician verifying the diagnosis and the length of absence must be on file before determination of eligibility can be made. The parent/guardian must notify the school attendance office that home instruction services are being requested. At that time the parent/guardian will be asked to obtain a home instruction application from the building school psychologist who, in turn, will arrange a Multi-Factored Evaluation team meeting. In general, the school psychologist coordinates the home instruction procedure between the student, parent/guardian and school.