2023-2024 Worthington College Credit Plus Presentation

College Credit Plus

  • College Courses Being Offered at Worthington Schools Through College Credit Plus

    College Credit Plus (CC+) allows students in grades 7-12 to take courses and earn both high school and college credit.  The grades and credits earned appear on both the student’s high school and college transcripts.  Students can earn up to 30 credits per year. (Maximum of 120 credit hours total.)

    Where can students take courses?

    Eligible students can take courses at the high school taught by a high school teacher, at the high school taught by a college instructor or at the college (online or live). Students may choose to take courses in any combination of formats or with any combination of Ohio colleges. Please be aware that no matter where the course is offered (at the college campus, online or at school), the course will follow the same college course syllabus, use the same textbook, and be assessed using the same methods and grading standards.

    What does it cost?

    There is no cost for the student to participate in College Credit Plus when the student is enrolled in a public college or university. The high school and college share the cost for these course(s). Students choosing to enroll in a participating private college or university might incur costs.  If a student fails a course, the student will be expected to pay for the course. If the student does not turn in their textbook, the student will be charged for the missing textbook.

    When can I participate?

    Students can take classes during the summer, fall or spring semesters or any combination of terms provided that the student does not exceed 30 hours in that academic year (beginning with summer term).  It is important to meet all college deadlines in order to participate.

    What classes can I take?

    Students may take any course offered in the college’s course catalog for which the student has met the prerequisites.  Course options include traditional courses and online courses. The courses offered are listed below.


    All students interested in participating in CC+ must attend a College Credit Plus information counseling session with a parent/ guardian. This presentation will fulfill the state’s requirement for the counseling information session. Students who are not able to attend this presentation should contact their counselor for alternate dates and locations of presentations for fulfilling this requirement.

    I want to participate, what do I do next?

    1. Submit the written notice of intent to participate for the following school year between February 15 and April 1.
    2. Select the CC+ classes you intend to take during the course registration process.
    3. Apply to the college(s) of Please be aware that colleges will have different deadlines for various terms and students must apply prior to the deadline for their intended college(s).
    4. Upon acceptance to the college(s), complete testing requirements to assure placement into your intended courses. If you are not accepted or do not place into your intended courses, you must immediately notify your counselor and select alternate courses for your schedule.
    5. Follow through with completing any requirements established by the college.


    Students who have additional questions should refer to the counselor website for more information about CC+ under Academic Options or see their counselor.