• Entrepreneurship Business Academy (TWHS)

    The Entrepreneurship Business Academy (EBA) is a small learning community provided at TWHS. This academy is a rigorous four-year sequence of courses designed to prepare students for post-secondary business programs in college and/or entry into the workforce.

    Students involved in this entrepreneurship academy will be better prepared to:

    • Major in a Business Program in college
    • Start their own business
    • Become productive employees in the business world
    • Better understand business structures and operations
    • Understand finances – both personally and within a business

    Students who are admitted into the EBA will…

    • Complete all graduation requirements of
      • The EBA program
      • The Worthington Schools and the state of Ohio
    • Engage in practical opportunities to learn and experience entrepreneurship
      • Field trips
      • Guest speakers
      • Internship
    • Participate in Academy activities
      • Student-Run Business
      • Partnership with Worthington Chamber of Commerce
      • Internship Opportunities
      • Eligibility for Diploma of Distinction
    • Take some Academy classes for College Credit Plus credit
      • Receive high school credit
      • Receive college credit


    The Entrepreneurship Business Academy is one tool that can help us reach out to students who would benefit from an educational program that differs from traditional learning models or approaches. Students of all kinds, from the academically gifted to the academically challenged, can be motivated to dream big dreams and work to make them happen. The Entrepreneurship Business Academy provides activities that build relationships, provide relevance for learning, and encourage rigor in the effort to develop academic skills to be competitive in the 21st century job market.


    We know that students do better in school when they are interested or engaged in key subjects. According to the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, more than 70% of American high school students have an interest in owning their own business. They also found that students in some type of entrepreneurship education program show improved school performance and more ambitious goals for life after school.


    It is not required to stay in the program all four years. However, if students complete the program, they may be able to earn college credit for some of the courses and they may be eligible to graduate with a diploma of distinction through the Business Department.