STEM Pathway

  • Career-technical education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age for participation in any program or activity. Lack of English language proficiency will not be a barrier to admission and participation in career-technical education programs.

    Annual Public Notice of Career-Technical Education Opportunities

    What is Worthington STEM

    Worthington STEM is derived from the National Project Lead the Way Curriculum.  There are two distinct parts of Worthington STEM.

    Part 1 - Freshman Year

    Students enroll in a Freshman STEM Team.  This consists of a team of core teachers and an engineering teacher who work together to provide an enriching science, technology, engineering and math experience for incoming 9th grade students.  This program is flexible.  As students move into the 10-12th grades - they may choose to continue their STEM experience by taking additional Technology & Engineering Courses (OR) Opt out and take other courses to fit their interests.

    Part 2 - 10th - 12th Grade Years

    Students who choose to continue developing skills and knowledge in Technology & Engineering will have an array of opportunities to choose from.  Options will include rigorous PLTW  pre-engineering classes with the opportunity to earn college credit, (AND/OR) engineering & media technologies that provide additional beneficial hands experiences.

    PLTW Pre-Engineering Courses

    Students who continue their education in the Pre-Engineering Pathway will have access to the following courses.

    • Introduction to Engineering Design - (IED)
    • Principles of Engineering - (POE)
    • Digital Electronics - (DE)
    • Civil Engineering & Architecture - (CEA)
    • Engineering Design & Development - (EDD)

    These are rigorous, relevant, and engaging hands on curriculum based classes. Online resources about the future benefits that students will gain from their experience.