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  • Important Information for School Families

    On Monday, Governor DeWine announced that schools in the state will remain closed until at least May 1, 2020.

    Last week, we received additional guidance with the signing of House Bill 197, on areas affecting our students of which you should be aware.

    • All K-12 standardized testing and state report card requirements are waived for this school year. 

    • Our local schools were granted the authority to graduate any student who is on track to graduate. This permits schools to grant a diploma to any student that the school district has determined is on track to graduate. We will continue to communicate with our senior students and their parents. Our guidance counselors are available to answer any questions about whether your student is currently on track to graduate. 

    • All districts are permitted to continue providing students with lunch. (See information below)

    • Our local governments – including our school board – may now opt to hold remote/virtual meetings but the public must still have access. While we have the option, we may also meet in person. Regardless, we will notify the public (as always) as to how we will proceed. 

    • Voting in the March 17, 2020 election was extended to April 28, 2020. Voting will occur by mail only. To obtain a vote by mail application, you can call our county board of election office at 614.525.3100 and have one sent to you or you can visit their website and print an application on the Franklin County BOE website.

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    Student Well-Being Information

    The extended closure of our schools, and abrupt changes to all of our lifestyles due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is impacting all of us in a variety of ways. We would like to share some resources with you, and assure you that our district school counselors, mental health specialists, and all staff are available to assist you and your children as needs arise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    When are we closed? When will we reopen?
    Based on the Governor’s announcement and our decision to ensure student safety, the last student day in Worthington Schools was Friday, March 13. At this time, the closure is scheduled to go through May 1, unless it gets extended by the Governor.

    When did remote learning begin for students?
    Remote learning for Worthington students started on Tuesday, March 24.

    What are the expectations for remote learning?
    The goal of remote learning is to support essential/core learning for the grade level/course and to keep the learning moving forward to the extent possible. Of course, remote learning does not replace learning in the classroom. A fair expectation of student time investment per content area might be a maximum of 30-45 minutes, 3 times a week. Teachers will reach out to families to share specific expectations.

    How do I contact my child’s teacher during remote learning?
    You may contact your student’s teacher via email. You can find your teacher’s email address in the Staff Directory

    When will teachers be available during remote learning?
    Teachers will be available during the normal school day Monday through Friday during the time that schools are closed.

    How do I contact the Principal if I have a question about remote learning?
    Please work with your child’s teacher first to resolve any questions. If this is unsuccessful, please email the building principal at your student’s school if you have an issue with remote learning.

    Why does it seem like remote learning expectations may be different by school or teacher?
    As we transition to remote learning, each classroom’s environment and the teacher’s approach is unique. Our district’s Academic Achievement and Professional Learning Department is working to provide resources to all of our teachers to provide support in this extraordinary circumstance.

    How do I access meals for my students?

    In order to reach more families and help limit community spread of COVID-19, we are updating the way free breakfast/lunches are being distributed for Worthington families.

    On Monday, April 6, 2020 the Worthington School District will move to a TWO-DAY per week meal distribution for families in need.

    On Mondays, two days worth of meals will be given to families. On Wednesdays, three days worth of meals will be distributed. 
    Families can pick up the food during the same times/locations as they currently do: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday at:

    Thomas Worthington High School
    300 West Granville Road
    Worthington, OH 43085

    Worthington Kilbourne High School
    1499 Hard Road
    Columbus, OH 43235

    Slate Hill Elementary
    7625 Alta View Blvd.
    Columbus, OH 43085

    In addition to pick up locations, two buses will be distributing meals in Worthington neighborhoods on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    Please refer to the list of stops below.

    Stops on Route 1
    10:05 a.m. - 8496 Seabright Dr at IBSON
    10:12 a.m. - Smoky View Blvd. at Orinda Rd.
    10:23 a.m. - 7646 Sancroft Road
    10:30 a.m. - Aquaford Place at Hightower Dr.
    10:39 a.m. - Bridewater Blvd at Fall Creek Lane

    Stops on Route 2
    10:12 a.m. - Wilson Hill Elementary
    10:25 a.m. - Barnes Dr East Playground
    10:39 a.m. - 1008 Annagladys Dr.
    10:48 a.m. - Shelter House on Park Club Drive
    10:58 a.m. - Storrow Dr at Startford Chase Drive
    11:04 a.m. - 8072 Storrow Dr.

    The USDA has relaxed the regulation requiring a student be present to receive a meal. Now a parent/guardian can pickup meals without the child.

    How can I access a building to retrieve materials?
    To allow time for our staff to thoroughly clean the classrooms and building, the schools will not be open. If you need something from the school, please email the building principal.

    What about upcoming trips?
    The Worthington School District made the decision to cancel off out-of-state trips for Spring & Summer. Trip leaders will work through options with families on moving trips to 2021 or to just cancel trips completely.

    Will we add school days in the summer?
    It is possible that days will be added at the end of the school year. We expect that Governor Dewine and the Ohio Department of Education will advise Ohio school districts on this possibility.

    Will we have graduation?
    At this time, our graduation ceremonies are being held on May 24. At this time, we are unsure of the ability to gather for a graduation. We expect that Governor Dewine will advise school districts as we get closer to May.

    Will we have Prom?
    At this time, we still have the venues booked for Prom. We will continue to monitor advice and information from the Governor regarding school and large group activities to make any final decisions.

    How might this impact my child’s graduation status based on the requirements needed?
    Our teachers will continue to provide instruction for students to meet graduation requirements. The Ohio Department of Education is aware of the challenges and ramifications in meeting the requirements and will provide additional information in the future.

    Will we have state testing?
    At this time, no state testing will take place during the closure period. The Ohio Department of Education will take appropriate action to adjust the state’s testing schedule (both in terms of administration and reporting) to accommodate the three-week closure. The intention is to be as flexible as possible. The State Department of Education will be asking the U.S. Department of Education for the maximum flexibility in accommodating the current circumstances.

    How will this closure impact Advanced Placement testing?
    The Advanced Placement Program is developing resources to help schools support student learning during extended closures, as well as a solution that would allow students to test at home, depending on the situation in May. Additional information will be posted later.

    Will we have spring sports?
    Currently, spring sports have been suspended during the extended day closure period. Once schools are allowed to reopen we will determine how we will respond to spring sports in conjunction with the Governor’s Office, the Ohio High School Athletics Association, and our Athletic Conference.

    Is it true school may not reopen this year?
    Currently, we know that school is not expected to reopen until April 6. We are not aware of any change to that schedule although the Governor has made it clear that the time could be extended.

    If school doesn't reopen, what happens?
    We will be working with our staff members to create a plan if students do not return to school on April 6.

    How can students go about obtaining a work permit under Ohio’s Minor Labor Laws if schools are closed?

    According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, if a minor has all necessary paperwork completed and is unable to get the permit processed due to school closure, the completed paperwork may itself stand in the place of the physically printed permit. Employers should keep the paperwork on file, just like they would the permit. The formal permit should be processed as soon as the school is reopened.

    As a reminder, hour restrictions outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 4109 are still in place for any week that was not a pre-planned school holiday (i.e., spring break) and the prohibited/hazardous occupation restrictions are still active. 

    To download a copy of the Parent or Guardian Consent Form for Minor Work Permit, click here .