Grades 6 - 12 Schoology Resources

  • After gathering feedback from our families regarding remote learning last spring, we determined two major areas of need:

    • A single online platform for students and families to find information for each class; and
    • A structured schedule that ensures each class meets at a regularly scheduled time.

    To better serve our families, teachers will now utilize Schoology, a common learning management system, for all students in grades 6 - 12.  Schoology provides teachers with a forum for communicating with students and parents, posting assignments, and assessing student work.  In addition, Schoology provides students and parents with one landing page to find all coursework and assignments.  Many teachers piloted Schoology over the past several years, so your child may already be familiar with it. 

    Also, in response to family requests, Worthington schools will follow a daily class schedule during Remote learning.  During their scheduled class times, student will be engaged in the following learning activities:

    • “Online Class” - teachers will conduct their classes live online during each assigned class period.  In that time, teachers may teach the entire class, break students into cooperative groups, work with students into smaller groups, and/or provide intervention.

    • “Independent Learning Time” - teachers will provide pre-arranged activities, lessons, videos, or assessments for students to perform through Schoology on days when students do not have a particular class.  In addition, students may work on those assignments during time between classes.

    • “Connections” - teachers will identify and work with students individually or in small groups, attend virtual student meetings, or hold virtual meetings with families.   This time can also be used for “Independent Learning Time”. 

Middle School Schedule For Remote Learning

Sample Schedule

High School Schedule For Remote Learning

High School Schedule