Worthington School Benefits

  • Vision Insurance - EyeMed

    Worthington City Schools offers vision benefits administered by EyeMed.  See  Benefit Summary for details of plan. If enrolling for the first time, EyeMed will mail your ID card prior to January 1, 2021.  Your ID card can also be obtained online by creating an account on EyeMed's website. To search for a network provider, search the Insight network at eyemed.com.

     2021 Vision Insurance Premiums

    The monthly premium for vision is withheld on the second pay of each month. 

    Dependent eligibility: Dependent children may remain on a parent's plan until the end of the month in which the child turns 24 if the child is a full-time student at an accredited school, college or university, is unmarried and not employed on a full time basis.  If a dependent child does not meet those eligibility requirements, then coverage ends at the end of the month in which the child turns 19.   

    Note: Also, if you are enrolled in the health insurance plan, Medical Mutual of Ohio covers one eye exam if using an MMO network provider.