• Hi, I'm Kandi Murdock, and I'm the Title 1 Math Teacher at Wilson Hill. This is my tenth year at Wilson Hill, and my ninth year as the Title 1 Math Teacher. I have been doing Math Intervention for about 15 years. Helping the Wilson Hill students and families during the pandemic has been an honor and a pleasure! The students have shown such resilience and fortitude during this time.


    We tried to make the most of having to Zoom for our Title 1 Family Night this year by sending home four STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) projects. These challenges are for fun, and your child can have anyone help him/her with the activities. We would love to have you send us pictures of your child doing the activities and/or the finished products, so we can share them in the school newsletter or on the school and district's social media.


    Instead of handouts and having stations during the Zoom, we have uploaded some videos and handouts on several topics. If you would like paper copies of any of the handouts, please email me to let me know (kmurdock@wscloud.org)! Please also let me know if you need help with anything during this time.


    I continue to believe that I haven't seen a math intervention program better than ST Math. I love the visuals in ST Math that help teach your child math concepts. Keep working hard and being kind!


    Mrs. Murdock (kmurdock@wscloud.org)


    Kandi K. Murdock
    Wilson Hill Elementary
    Title 1 Teacher

    You are not a product of your circumstances. You are a product of your reactions, decisions, level of motivation and how much ownership you take of your life. - Stephen Covey & Coach Craig Doty