Community Meeting - Presentation & Survey

  • In January 2021, a new community task force was formed in order to determine the path for Phase 2 of our Master Facilities long-term plan.

    The community selected the task force. As a district, we sent invitations to a wide range of community groups such as PTA’s, the library, townships, civic organizations, etc… and they determined who would represent their group. The task force will review the plan created by the original task force, then use updated data and engage with the larger community over the next ten months to determine the best next steps for our district.

    This community-led plan is expected to be presented to our school board in late fall of 2021 for approval and ultimately to our community as a bond issue in 2022. By phasing the work we are able to maintain our state-mandated debt limits and hopefully make the work more affordable for community members.

    The first community meeting of the Phase 2 Task Force was held on April 28, 2021. As part of the meeting, a survey was shared to get feedback on several options being considered in Phase 2 of the Master Facilities Plan. Even if you were not able to view the meeting live, you can still fill out the survey!

    If you were not able to see the April 28, 2021 community meeting, watch the presentation above before filling out the community survey:

Community Survey

  • This survey is being used to gather community feedback on our latest update on Phase 2 of the Worthington Schools Master Facilities Plan.

    If you didn't take part in the community meeting, please watch the video before you provide feedback in the survey.



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