Welcome Parent Mentor Colleen Cintron!

  • Colleen Cintron

    As a mom in the Worthington school district (Sutter Park and Liberty Elementary) I highly respect the innovative leadership and quality education my girls are receiving, and I am honored to join as a Special Education Parent Mentor.

    Before moving to Ohio I was as a tenured dance education teacher at PS/IS 178, a New York City public school in Jamaica, Queens. There I taught preK - 8th grade and I was the head of the Arts Department which included dance, theater, visual art and technology. I frequently collaborated with parents, teachers, school administrators and community programs on curricula and community events for families. As the Equity and Diversity team leader, I aimed to create a climate of respect and support for students and teachers while implementing culturally responsive curriculum.

    As a teacher and parent, collaboration, communication and creativity are essential. I bring the understanding and perspective of a parent, along with the leadership skills and knowledge of a classroom teacher, which will assist me in this new role. I believe my special skill set will support parents, teachers, administrators and most importantly the needs of special education students.

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