Determination Process

  • *The Multi-Factored Evaluation is the process required by IDEA to determine if a child is eligible for special education services. The process may be initiated by either school personnel or a parent. Education professionals along with a child’s parents are members of the MFE team, who work together to determine if a child qualifies for special education services.  Team members should include a school psychologist, the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s),  a special education and/or general education teacher, appropriate related service personnel, and others based on  the child’s needs.

    The purpose of the MFE is  to determine whether or not the child has a disability and to identify the child’s specialized educational needs.

    *The IEP (or Individualized Education Plan) is a document which outlines a child’s educational needs due to a disability, and the services they will receive to help them learn in their educational setting. Required members of the team are  the parents/guardians, general education teachers, special education teacher and administrator. Related service providers may also participate.