Trade Name Registration

  • Each club has created a nickname or booster club name that is then registered with the State of Ohio. The State of Ohio assigns an entity number under the umbrella of CARDS, Incand this entity number must be renewed every 5 years. This protects the club's name from being used elsewhere within the State of Ohio. The CARDS, IncTreasurer manages this renewal process on your behalf. A booster club who wishes to change their name must proactively reach out to the CARDS, IncTreasurer before the registration expires so as to not incur additional charges.

Fundraising and Donations

  • Athletic Booster Fundraiser Notification form is used to announce large fundraisers. Car Washes and Restaurant nights are not considered a large fundraiser.

    • A Donation Form is required for any item that must be inventoried. This includes, but is not limited to, donations such as electronics, equipment, uniforms, etc. This form is not available electronically so please contact the Athletic Department to obtain a copy.

    • We encourage athletes and booster clubs to appropriately thank all donors as a means to grow community support. Thank you notes are required for donations over $250. Please note the Program Ad sales over $250 are the only exception as the contract includes language that fulfills this requirement.
          - Good Services Provided
          - No Good Services Provided

    • All booster clubs are allowed, but not required, to accept credit card and online payments under the condition that these forms of payment are linked to a booster club bank account. These forms of payment cannot be connected to a personal account. Please ensure all income is documented accurately in your ledger for the income line it represents. CARDS, Increcommends setting a $5 minimum charge for these forms of payment so as to cover the processing fees assigned to each transaction.

Scholar Athlete

  • Funded by CARDS, Inc, the Scholar Athlete program recognizes the efforts of our athletes in the classroom. -

Certificate Of Coverage

  • CARDS, Inc. provides liability insurance. Details of coverage can be found here.