Continuation Of Education For Quarantined Students

  • Our primary goal is to ensure the continuation of learning to the fullest extent possible during a quarantine/isolation period.

    Excused absence rules apply during a quarantine/isolation period.  A student who is ill can make up all work missed during a quarantine/isolation period.  Upon returning to school, a student shall have a period of school days (includes in-school and at-home learning days) equal to the number of school days absent in which to make up any classwork.  As we continue to implement our Seesaw (PreK-5) and Schoology (6-12) Learning Management System, information should be current and due dates for quizzes, tests, projects, and papers must be reasonable and will be mutually agreed upon between teachers and families. 

    During the quarantine period, a designated school personnel member will communicate with the student’s teachers to create a plan for continuing access to education during a period of quarantine. 

    The plan will address the following areas:

    • student access (health-permitting) to: 
        • in-class notes/slides/summary from instructor, and
        • other developmentally and/or course-appropriate interaction;
    • access to  learning materials in our Seesaw (PreK-5) and Schoology (6-12) Learning Management System;
    • any needed adjustments to ensure the continuation of regularly scheduled intervention and/or enrichment services;
    • continuation of documented accommodations; and,
    • individual or small-group check-ins with a designated school staff member to support in areas of academic progress, social-emotional learning needs, etc.

    Students receiving services on an IEP will continue to receive this intervention support.  If there is a concern in reference to a student with an IEP (Special Education), please contact Renee Brinson for Elementary (K-5) and  Beth Reyna-Williams for Secondary (6-12). 

    At the conclusion of a quarantine period, a building staff member will: 

    • identify steps to support the student’s return to school; and,
    • provide an update to the parent/guardian.