• District: Worthington is a suburban community located in the diverse and rapidly growing northwest section of metropolitan Columbus, Ohio.  Historically, it is a community of New England heritage where residents enjoy traditional celebrations and support progressive ideas. The socioeconomic level of the population is above average, with many of the 61,250 residents being college-oriented, business, and professional people. 


    School: Thomas Worthington High School is regarded as one of the outstanding public high schools in Ohio.  Our school earned an “A” by meeting all indicators set by the State Department of Education with a performance index rating of 107.2.   During the 2013-2014 school year, 93.22% of sophomore students passed all five parts of the Ohio Graduation Test compared to the state of Ohio at 83.24%. Thomas Worthington offers academic programs that are strong and quite diverse. Students have over 180 courses to choose from including challenging courses like those in our Pre-Engineering program (Project Lead the Way) and STEM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Students can take advantage of courses in our Entrepreneurial Business Academy, participate in our award winning fine and performing arts programs, study and develop skills in Spanish, French and Latin or learn life-long skills in Health and Wellness and Family Consumer Science courses.  Students can also take advantage of dual enrollment courses or enroll in Ohio’s Post-Secondary Educational Options at local colleges.  Thomas Worthington offers a broad range of educational support such as our Freshman Learning communities, Sophomore Guided Studies, online learning, AP study rooms, learning labs, academic assistants, and individualized testing rooms.  


    Enrollment: The school’s current enrollment is 1535 students in grades nine through twelve. 110 Thomas Worthington students attend the Linworth Alternative Program, an adjacent campus based on experiential learning.    


    Faculty: Thomas Worthington is composed of 112 certified professionals; 83% hold a Master’s degree, and three hold a doctorate.  70% of our staff members have more than five years of experience.


    Graduation Requirements: The curriculum at Thomas Worthington is comprehensive including advanced placements, honors, occupational, and vocational programs.  For the class of 2015, a minimum of 20 credits is required for graduation.  Specific requirements include the following:


    4 units of English                                       3 units of Science                               1/2 unit of Health & 1/2 unit of PE

    3 units of Social Studies                           4 units of Math                                     5 units of Electives


    Transcript Clarification:  “PESS” is Physical Earth System Science. “BESS” is Biology Earth System Science. “NSS” is Natural Systems Science. “FST” is Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry. “PDM” is Pre-Calculus & Discrete Math. “EBA” is Entrepreneurship Business Academy. “STEM” is Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Further, students must pass either Algebra 2 or “Common Core State Standards Math III” to meet graduation requirements.  


    Honors and Advanced Placement: Honor opportunities are available in English Language Arts I & II, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Math II, FST (Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry), PDM (Pre-calculus & Discrete Mathematics), French, and Spanish.  Nineteen certified Advanced Placement courses are offered in English Language and Literature, United States History, European History, Computer Science, Latin, French, Spanish, Calculus AB and BC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Studies, Government, Studio Art 2D, Studio Art 3D, Studio Drawing, and Music Theory.  Advanced Placement courses are weighted on a 5.0 scale.  Honors courses are not weighted. 


    Grading System: 4.0 scale. Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed using semester grades for all subjects.  Grades of students who transfer to TWHS are accepted, though do not contribute to the student’s cumulative GPA. Only grades awarded by a Worthington City Schools teacher are used in calculating a student’s cumulative GPA and class rank. A college wishing to re-compute a student’s GPA may call the registrar at 614-450-6304 for a copy of the previous school’s transcript. 


    Class Rank: All students with a GPA of 4.0 or above are ranked number one in the class.  It is the policy of the Worthington Schools to report a rank only for these students. 

    Post High School Plans:  In the class of 2014, 90% of Thomas Worthington students planned to continue their education after high school. Of that 90%, 70% planned to attend four year universities and 20% planned to attend two year or vocational programs.  Of the remaining 10%, 5% planned to work or enter a trade and 5% planned to enter the military.  


    Thomas Worthington High School Additional Data

    Advanced Placement 2014 Exam Results

    254 TWHS students took 442 Advanced Placement Tests last year. 85.9% of those tested achieved scores of three or above. Three faculty members are AP program graders.

    ACT Results

    Composite Scores 2014

    Thomas                        Worthington









    National Merit 2014

    National Merit Finalist                              4

    National Achievement Finalist                  1

    Commended Scholars                               6

    SAT Results

    Mean Scores         2014





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