tips for success

Tips for Middle School Success!

    • Learn to make good long-term choices – counselors can help.
    • Have a daily homework schedule and stick to it.
    • Limit screen time
    • Get involved in something.  Research shows students who are involved have better grades.
    • Get enough rest – Middle school students should aim for 9-10 hrs of sleep per night
    • Do not allow phones in bedrooms at night – if your student says they need it for the alarm, get them an alarm clock. You would be amazed at the number of texts we’re shown that happen at 2:30 am. Most texts at that time are not good.
    • It’s ok for your student to struggle some. They learn they are capable and how to solve problems.
    • If your student can’t remember an assignment, most teachers use Schoology or some other system to post it online.
    • Students – it’s ok to ask your teachers for help.  It’s ok to ask counselors for help too!