Testing Accomodations

  • TestingSome students on an IEP or 504 may qualify to receive accommodations when taking their college admissions tests. Detailed information, steps and commonly asked questions are available on the ACT and SAT websites.

    The information below is to assist Worthington students and families who have a current IEP or 504 plan and want to request accommodations during testing.

    Students requesting accommodations for the ACT test, should follow the instructions listed on the ACT Accommodations Page. In order for supporting documentation to be sent from the school, this form must be signed and on file at the school, and you must let your counselor know you are applying for accommodations - including which test date you are requesting. 

    REMEMBER: an ACT accommodation request can take up to six weeks for review, so start your registration process early.

    Students requesting accommodations for the SAT test need to inform your Intervention Specialist or 504 Coordinator that you would like to take the SAT and request accommodations. Complete this form in order for your supporting documentation to be sent to the SAT from the high school.

    REMEMBER:It can take up to 7 weeks for SAT accommodations to be approved. So start the process early.

    Once you’re approved for accommodations, you will receive a seven-digit SSD Eligibility Code. Then you follow the steps online to register for your SAT test. You’ll be asked to enter your Eligibility Code when you register for the SAT online.