Building Check-In

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    As part of our on-going efforts to improve the safety of our schools, Worthington uses a visitor management system at all of our school buildings. 

    What are visitor management systems? 
    Visitor management systems are technology solutions that streamline the visitor sign-in process and track specific visitor data such as who is entering the school and when, the reason for the visit and who was visited. Additionally, many systems record photos of the visitors or scan driver's licenses that are  presented by visitors not only to help confirm the identity of the presenter, but also to check for persons that should not be permitted to enter for a variety of reasons, including sex offender status, restraining orders or parental rights disputes. Most solutions can also be utilized on contractors that are visiting the building and will print a badge displaying specific times and locations for their visit. Many systems can also manage late student arrival and signing out procedures and print the passes to return to class. 

    Why does Worthington use the visitor management system? 
    The screening and tracking of guests and contractors is a school safety strategy recommended by safety specialists. Our staff has been trained to approach all visitors to double check that they have a legitimate purpose in being in the building. The badge will confirm that the visitor has been screened and has permission to be in the area making school a safer place for students. We require all visitors, substitutes, parent volunteers and contractors to sign in using the system. A visitor will scan a state-issued ID and indicate the purpose of the visit. A self-adhesive visitor pass with a photo will be printed. The visitor will check out by scanning the pass. In addition, the system will be used to track students signing in late or leaving school early. 

    Is an ID required every time? 
    First-time visitors will have the option of downloading a digital pass to their phone. The pass will allow faster check in during your next visit. 

    What if a guest doesn't have a state-issued ID? 
    Our office staff will assist the guest to sign in by collecting some personal information. 

    Review the step-by-step guide to checking in