Walking & Biking To School

  • All children are encouraged to walk to school if residing in the non-transport boundary. The use of bicycles for travel to and from school by students as an assumption of responsibility on the part of those students and their parent/guardian -- a responsibility in the care of property, in the observation of safety rules, and in the display of courtesy and consideration toward others. 

    The school district will not be responsible for bicycles which are lost, stolen, or damaged. Students outside of transport areas should not ride their bike to or from school unless accompanied by their guardian. 

    For those students who plan to ride bicycles to school, the following guidelines are suggested: 

    • All students within non-transport boundaries are permitted to ride bicycles to school with parental/guardian consent. The parent/guardian and child need to decide when a child is ready to ride a bicycle to school.
    • All bicycles are to be parked in bicycle racks.
    • Bicycle riders are to obey all safety and traffic laws, e.g. stop signs.
    • All bicycles should be locked while parked in the bicycle rack.
    • Bicycle riders should wear helmets.

    Safe bicycle practices are expected at all times. Learn more at Bike Safety from the National Highway Safety Traffic Association.

    Children who walk or bike to school should not arrive before their school’s designated student arrival time communicated by the building principal. 

    Also, children must report home immediately after school before playing or coming back to the school playground. Children should walk home using a direct route, crossing streets where the crossing guards are stationed. 

    The school is not responsible for supervision of students before designated arrival times, after school dismissal times or following the completion of their bus route. 

    Only children enrolled in the Care After School Program should be in the school building under the supervision of Care After School personnel after dismissal times, with the exception of those participating in supervised, scheduled after school activities or those accompanied by a parent/guardian.