• Bus service is provided for elementary and middle school children who live more than 1.5 miles from the school and high school students who live more than 2 miles away. Bus stops are established by the Transportation Department and are approved by the Worthington Board of Education. The phone number for the Transportation Department is 450-6600.

    Drivers are responsible for and shall expect the orderly conduct of students. Students on the bus shall be under the authority of and are directly responsible to the driver. If students do not respond to the driver’s request for orderly conduct, the driver shall report this to the principal. Appropriate disciplinary action may be taken as determined by the school principal.

    Parents are responsible for the safety of students while going to and from pickup points, until students get on the bus at the bus stops and as soon as students get off the bus in the neighborhood.

    Buses operate on a time schedule; this schedule does not permit buses to wait for tardy students.

    Regulations for Students Riding School Buses

    1. The school bus driver shall be in charge of the bus at all times and shall be responsible for order.

    2. Students riding school busses shall:

    A. Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to scheduled pickup time.

    B. Board, leave, and ride the school bus in an orderly and non-disruptive manner;

    C. Sit facing forward in their seat from the time of boarding until disembarking;

    D. Refrain from engaging in any conversation or activity (including fighting) which could reasonably interfere with the safety of passengers or with the bus driver’s safe operation of the bus;

    E. Refrain from conduct, conversation or forms of expression which could reasonably offend the ordinary sensibilities of others;

    F. Do not vandalize or otherwise damage a school bus;

    G. Do not eat or drink while in a school bus;

    H. Do not transport animals, dangerous objects or materials;

    I. Do not throw objects either out of or within the bus and do not extend any part of their body out of a window;

    J. Make no noise while a school bus is approaching or crossing a railroad crossing or at any other point of danger as specified by the school bus driver;

    K. Cross all streets at least 10 feet in front of the school bus and remain visible to the driver at all times;

    L. Board or leave the bus only at assigned stops unless they have parental or administrative written authorization to do otherwise;

    M. Upon departing the bus in the afternoon students are to proceed to a designated place of safety where they must remain until the bus leaves the stop.

    A violation of any of the foregoing rules or of any provision of the student’s code of conduct shall constitute disorderly conduct and shall subject the student to suspension or termination of bus privileges, emergency removal, or other discipline, as determined by building principal.