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    Chip Seely - Head Girls Coach



    Josh Stegman - Head Boys Coach



    Welcome to the 2019-2020 Worthington Kilbourne Track & Field Season!

    Below is important information for those participating, feel free to scroll through and read all of the information or use the links below to navigate to the parts that pertain to you.

    Athletes, please take a moment to complete the Athlete Questionnaire so we can understand what your goals and desires are for the upcoming season!

    Team and Spirit Wear

    Important Dates

    Spring Break Info




    Information for Distance Athletes

    Information for Sprinters, Hurdlers, Jumpers, and Vaulters

    Information for Throwers

    Pre-Season and Indoor Track & Field FAQ

    Indoor Schedule and Related Information

    Outdoor Schedule and Related Information

    Open Track Options




    Information for Winter Sport Athletes

    Information for Fall Sport Athletes

    Team Gear

    This past fall the XC Boosters and TrackBackers purchased 60 new warm-up jackets - they are fantastic! These great jackets, however, brought on a challenge. First, a good challenge, many athletes have asked if they are available for purchase and we didn't have any to sell. Now, we do! Unfortunately, 60 jackets will not outfit the entire track and field team this spring. We will continue fund raising efforts to be able to outfit the entire team in the future but, for now; please purchase a jacket for your athlete. For the pants, athletes are permitted to wear any black sweats, joggers, etc. they prefer -- there are options available using the spirit wear link below.

    Team Jacket use this link to order a jacket for your athlete - you will be ordering the VICTORY jacket. The other items on the page are optional.

    Spirit Wear use this link to purchase other OPTIONAL team gear, the sweats shown are a great option for the warm-up pants. There are also competition-legal, school-approved shorts for girls; due to the nature of the shorts they are not provided by the team. For boys, the compression shorts and tights make a good base layer to compliment the team-issued short.

    Important Dates

    • First Day of Outdoor is Monday, February 24th

    • Track Parent-Athlete Meeting – Wednesday, February 19, 2020 @ 7:00 PM – Auditorium

    • Spring Sports Parent/Athlete Meeting – Wednesday, March 4, 2020 @ 7:00 PM - Auditorium
      This meeting is led by Mr. Todd and is for athletes and parents of athletes that have NOT participated in a FALL or WINTER sport.

    Spring Break

    • This year spring break is April 3 through April 12.  We have SEVERAL meets scheduled during break!
    • Practice times will be announced and may not be during the “after school” time.
    • Parents, your son or daughter only has 4 years to compete in HS Track & Field. We are allowed by OHSAA rules a limited number of meets each season. Please consider this before you plan to take your athlete away during break.
    • We will not punish anyone for being out of town during break, but missing practices/meets does have a detrimental impact. An absence during spring break could affect whether or not an athlete remains a part of a relay or competes at the varsity level.

    Pre-Season & Indoor Track FAQ

    Q:  What is indoor track and field?

    A:  Indoor track and field varies for many athletes (and it’s not always practiced indoor).

    Veterans will use the indoor season to prepare themselves for the upcoming outdoor season and to gain an extra month of training.

    Rookies will have an opportunity to learn “how we operate” when lifting, stretching and doing various drills.

    Tweeners (athletes not sure where they fit in) will get a chance to try track and
    field. Everyone will have an opportunity to get to know the staff and other
    athletes while working hard, having fun, and becoming a faster/stronger athlete.


    Q:  What will I need to be able to participate?

    A:  A completed physical (Final Forms), updated emergency information (Final Forms), water bottle, warm clothes, and a positive attitude.


    Q:  Where will I dress for indoor practice?

    A:  Unfortunately we will not have access to the upstairs locker rooms. You will need to dress in the appropriate PE locker room. You will need to bring your own lock to secure your items; however, you cannot leave items overnight.


    Q:  Will we compete in indoor meets?

    A:  We are planning to participate in a few meets – see the included calendar. Athletes should get signed up as soon as possible as spots get filled and meets are closed out. Some meets will involve all participants while others may have qualifying standards. We will evaluate what is best for athletes.

    Athletes are welcome to compete “unattached” at most indoor meets offered in the state of Ohio. A continually updated list can be found at the OATCCC Indoor Track Schedule page. Other scheduled meets can be found on MileSplit, Direct Athletics, and Athletic.net.


    Q:   Is attendance mandatory for indoor track and field practices?

    A:  No, attendance is mandatory for the outdoor season only. Athletes are expected to attend if they are not competing in a winter sport. It is important to remember that training the body is like building the foundation of a house with concrete blocks. If several blocks are missing from the foundation, the house will collapse before it is finished.


    Q: Is weight room attendance mandatory?

    A: The expectation is that all athletes begin training in the weight room at the time scheduled with their “position group”. Our weight room sessions will focus on the functional, basic human movements of push, pull, squat, hinge, and loaded carries. Strength is the base of all human performance. All athletes have the same need: strength. Strength training is general preparation, nothing more.


    Q:  Why do you call it indoor track and field when we practice outside?

    A:  Good question. We will practice outside if the temperature is above 30o F. When it is colder, we will practice in the upstairs hallways or wherever there is space available inside - the practice schedule has been designed very carefully to maximize our ability to use gym space/time. Distance runners will go out each practice as long as you are appropriately dressed. We have access to the auxiliary gym on Tuesday nights: all field events, sprint starts, and hurdling will be practiced.

    2019-2020 Kilbourne Track & Field “Indoor” Schedule

    December 14 and December 15 - Arete Throws Camp @ Kilbourne!

    Saturday, February 1 @ Chieftain Center High School Track Classic (Logan, Ohio) - $10/athlete, if there is enough interest, transportation will be provided

    Sunday, February 16 @ Otterbein University - $10/athlete

    Saturday, February 22 @ Central District Indoor, ***Pole Vault ONLY*** - Capital University

    Sunday, February 23 @ Central District Indoor - Capital University

    Saturday, March 7 @ Ohio Indoor Track & Field Championships - The Spire Institute

    2020 Kilbourne Track & Field Outdoor Schedule

    Wednesday, April 1 vs Big Walnut, 5 PM

    *Thursday, April 2 @ Hilliard Premier, ***Distance ONLY*** - Hilliard Darby, 5:30 PM

    *Friday, April 3 @ Hilliard Premier, ***Sprints, Hurdles, Field Events*** - Hilliard Darby, 10 AM

    **Saturday, April 4 @ Watkins Memorial Icebreaker, 10 AM - Avoid ACT Testing on this date, please.

    Tuesday, April 7 @ Upper Arlington, 5 PM

    Saturday, April 11 @ Big Walnut Golden Eagle Relays, 9:30 AM

    Tuesday, April 14 vs Hilliard Davidson with Central Crossing, 5 PM

    Saturday, April 18 @ Coffman Classic, 9 AM

    Tuesday, April 21 vs DeSales, 5 PM

    Friday, April 24 @ Lancaster Fulton Relays, 4 PM

    Tuesday, April 28 @ Dublin Coffman, 5 PM

    Saturday, May 2 @ Gary Smith Invitational, 9 AM - Avoid SAT Testing on this date, please.

    Tuesday, May 5 vs Thomas Worthington, 5 PM

    ***Friday, May 8 @ Hilliard Bradley Invitational

    ***Saturday, May 9 @ Teays Valley Invitational

    Open Track

    Capital University is offering the opportunity for high school athletes to utilize their facilities, this includes: long jump, high jump, and pole vault pits; starting blocks and the use of the 200m track; as well as throwing rings for both shot put and weight throw activities. The coaching staff from Capital provided THIS information. Please note, there is a $5 fee for each visit and a required waiver.

    Otterbein University has also offered open track time. The information for their date/times can be found HERE, the waiver can be found HERE. There is also a $5 fee for each visit Otterbein.

    Ohio Wesleyan has offered open track time in the past but no information has been posted as of 12/4.

    Distance Information

    All distance running workouts can be thought of "Captain's Practices" as there will not be a coach on site for these workouts. Most distance athletes meet after school to get their run, core work, and stretching in together but this is certainly not the only way to complete workouts. Any weight room sessions will be supervised by a coach, usually Coach Joseph. Distance athletes are also encouraged to participate in form running drills with the sprint crew. The calendar for December and January linked HERE provides all of the information distance athletes should need to complete the workouts as well as attend weight room and form running training sessions. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Coach Katie, our head distance coach at scocozka@delawarecityschools.net.

    Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps/Vault Information

    All sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers, and pole vaulters should attend all sprint workout sessions. Workout sessions on Tuesdays will focus primarily on the technical aspects of the events. Sprinters will work with Coach Seely and the other sprint coaches on block starts, hurdlers will do hurdle drills, and relays will work on handoffs. Pole Vaulters will work with Coach Wisard -- novices will learn proper technique and verterans will work to improve -- first timers are always welcome. These Tuesday night workouts will take place in the aux gym.

    Sprint Workouts on other days will be led by Coach Seely. Athletes will change in the PE locker room (which are located just off the aux gym) and meet by the trophy cases at the athletic entrance. Weight room activities will be led by Coach Stevens, our strength and conditioning coach, if he is available, with the support of either Coach Seely or another member of coaching staff. The calendar for December and January linked HERE provides all of the information sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers, and pole vaults should need to attend workouts and be in the right place at the right time. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Coach Seely at chipjen@aol.com. For long jump and pole vault specific information reach out to Coach Wisard, our associate head coach and long jump/pole vault coach at twisard@wscloud.org.

    Throws Information

    The printed information shared at the team meeting was INCORRECT for December. A corrected, updated calendar can be found HERE. All throws should meet to participate in group instruction any time it is scheduled to take place at WK. If you are interested in further instruction a group may head to Capital University on Sunday or Wednesday but you MUST communicate your intentions to attend through senior thrower Hayden Shaffer (if you do not have his contact information please email Coach Stegman). If you do not communicate with Hayden there may not be implements or other WK athletes (or coaches) in attendance. Further, unless otherwise directed throwers should be lifting at the designated time/place.

    It is absolutely critical that throwers attend the Arete Throws camp on December 14 & 15 from 8a-2p at WK. This camp is provided free of charge as we are the host school -- this is an incredible opportunity that should not be missed!

    Any questions related to throwers should be directed to Coach Stegman at jstegman@wscloud.org.

    Winter Sports Athletes

    If you are currently competing in a winter sport, you are expected to be 100% involved, engaged, and committed to your winter sports team and teammates! You are NOT required to attend pre-season track activities.

    That said, if you are able to attend a workout here and there (and with the blessing of your winter coach) we would love to have you join us. If you're not sure whether or not you should attend, reach out to your position coach!

    If you have already practiced, lifted, or competed in your winter sport it is not the best idea to participate in future pre-season track activities.

    Footballers and Other Fall Sport Athletes

    Unless you have been specifically directed, you will lift and workout with the track team throughout December. Coach Eddie will be firing up winter workouts for the football team starting in January. Football players on the track will LIFT with the football team and complete all other WORKOUT related activities with their track & field position group. For example, a football player who is also a sprinter will, on Thursdays, attend football lifting after school then complete technique work with Coach Seely. This concept can be applied similarly to field hockey players but also know that field hockey specific lifting sessions may be missed as you will be completing the same lifting workouts as the field hockey team is when working with Coach Stevens, our strength coach.


    Go to krogercommunityrewards.com and register your Kroger Plus card. Our NPO number is 80700. Even if you have signed up before, you need to renew your participation every year.

  • Fundraising:

    Go to krogercommunityrewards.com and register your Kroger Plus card. Our NPO number is 80700. Even if you have signed up before, you need to renew your participation every year.