• 62 Ohio Schools and 356 Teachers Receive Governor's Thomas Edison Awards For Excellence in STEM Education

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    Columbus (August 23,2012) . . . The Ohio Academy of Science today selected 62 Ohio schools and 356 teachers to receive Governor's Thomas Edison Awards for Excellence in STEM Education for their accomplishments during the 2011-2012 school year. This is a 30% increase over last year’s awardees. Each will receive special Governor's Award certificates. The Technology Division of The Ohio Department of Development funded the program.

    To receive the award, schools had (1) to conduct a local science fair with 20 or more students, (2) qualify one or more of these students for one of the Academy's 15 district science days, (3) have students participate in at least one more youth science opportunity beyond the classroom such as State Science Day, visits to museums, mentorship programs and extended field trips and (4) convince external professionals from STEM business and industry, government and academia employers how and to what extent the school’s program met the Academy’s definition of STEM education.

    Kilbourne MS: Mr. John Galipault, Mr. Ed Repko, Ms. Stephanie Records, Mr. Michael Miller, Mr. Brian Lord, Ms. Sarah Federanko, Ms. Elaine Dentler, Ms. Staci Coyle

    Thomas Worthington HS: Ms. Jamie Haddow, Mr. Tom DeVore, Ms. Amy Beckstedt, Ms. Mary Rizk, Ms. Jodi Bacon, Mr. Jason Cervenec, Mr. Brian Luthy, Ms. Cynthia Hummel

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