• Overview of Wolves Inc.

    Contact Info: kilbournewolvesinc@gmail.com 

    Who makes up Wolves Inc.?

    • 26+ Support Group (booster club) Presidents representing all varsity athletic teams and Band. 
    • Nine (9) members of the Board of Trustees
    • WKHS Athletic Director

    What does Wolves Inc. do?

    • Provides 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and ensures compliance with Ohio Revised Code regarding contributions and expenditures. 
    • Provides financial support for projects that affect overall sports and helps align fundraising programs with overall needs of the athletic department. 
    • Provides opportunities for support groups to participate in fund raising activities related to athletic events (ad sales, concessions, raffles, sponsorship, etc.)

    What are the primary guiding principles of Wolves Inc.?

    • Place the welfare and success of the student-athlete as the highest priority. 
    • Revenues generated from athletic events should be directed back to support the athletic programs. 
    • Capital investments should benefit the overall good of sports programs.
    • Fund-raising activities must be coordinated across support groups to avoid competition, support equitable participation, and ensure community support. 

    How can I email a Wolves Inc Representative?