• Coordinated Athletic Resources Deliver Support, Inc.

    The Purpose of CARDS, Inc. is to provide and deliver educational, economic, and other community support to supplement athletic team activities of Thomas Worthington High School. CARDS, Inc. supports booster clubs by providing a liaison to the school athletic department, tax preparation for all booster clubs, booster board member training, Scholar Athlete recognition, State Championship photos and banners, fundraising opportunities and more!

    CARDS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. This means we are a nonprofit organization that has been recognized by the IRS as being tax-exempt by virtue of charitable programs. For the tax exemption purposes, please reference EIN# 31-1316677

CARDS, Inc. General Meetings

CARDS Inc. Policy Documents

What Does CARDS, Inc. Do?

    • Sounding board to the school
    • Tax preparation for all boosters
    • Community Fundraiser
    • Scholar Athlete Recognition
    • Weight room equipment, repairs and improvements
    • Coordinates the Program Ad Sales with Wolves, Inc
    • Coordinates the production of the Fall and Winter Sports Program with Wolves, Inc
    • State Champion Photos
    • Championship banners in the gym
    • Maintain concession stand equipment

    • Stadium Speaker system
    • Tables for training room
    • Sound system in weight room
    • Stanchions for stadium concession stand
    • Paid for new speaker system installed in the main gym and audio visual equipment
    • Construction of Alumni Hall
    • Stadium Flag Pole

Cards Inc. Meeting Minutes