Parents of Seniors
    Senior portraits are due by the end of January.  Senior photos are NOT required. Your school ID photo will be used unless you submit your own photo. If you choose, please plan to have your senior photo session scheduled with your photographer early enough to meet this deadline.  Please let Yearbook know as soon as possible if you are not able to meet this deadline.
    Email (you or your photographer) the (single) photo to tcecutti@wscloud.org. Mr. Cecutti will reply to the sender of the email as confirmation of receipt. If you have your photographer email it to her, please ask him or her to copy you on it so you will also receive the reply. If you have not heard back from Mr. Cecutti within a week, feel free to inquire or resend.
    Include student’s name as it should appear in the yearbook (file name ex. Jane Smith)
    • Color
    • Vertical orientation
    • Hi-resolution (*.jpg or .png formats only)
    While we do accept hard copies, digital images are preferred.