Early Literacy Workshops - Talleres de Alfabetismo para la Edad Temprana

  • Reading and talking about books with your young child, in ANY language, will have a significant impact on their brain development, their future literacy skills, and their love for learning.  On this website, you will find five instructional videos, along with activities and resources, presented in both English and Spanish.  The topics discussed in these short videos will help you to build your child’s thinking, literacy, and language skills as you read books together.    

  • We Read Together: Focus on Motivation and Concepts about print
    Leemos Juntos: Enfocándonos en Motivación y Conceptos Acerca del Texto Impreso

    We Understand Together: Focus on Comprehension Through Sequencing and Retelling
    Comprendemos Juntos: Enfocándonos en la Comprensión a través de Secuencias y Explicando el Cuento en Sus Propias Palabras

  • We Learn Letters Together: Focus on Letters and Sounds
    Aprendemos las Letras Juntos: Enfocándonos en Las Letras y Sus Sonidos

    We Read About Real Things Together: Focus on Informational Books
    Texto Informativo

  • We Learn Words Together: Focus on Descriptive Vocabulary
    Aprendemos Palabras Juntos: Enfocándonos en el Vocabulario Descriptivo

    Research and Resources
    Investigación y Recursos

  • The Early Literacy Workshop materials found on this website were developed and offered between 2014-2018 in the Worthington School district, thanks to generous financial support from the Worthington Educational Foundation and a rich partnership with The Ohio State University, CDCFC Head Start, and The Worthington Libraries.