• Worthington Schools will be moving to all-in learning mode starting on Monday, March 22.

    To help students and families in making this change Lara Ruffing, our mental health team leader for our district,  Toya Spencer our Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Trish Laughman and Linnea Gallo two of our instructional coaches created a video full of helpful ideas and honest reflections. 


    During the “Hybrid” Schedule

    Half of the school’s student population will be in attendance every school day; students assigned to “GROUP A” will attend Monday and Wednesday of each week; students assigned to “GROUP B” will attend Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Groups A and B will be designated by the alphabet (A-K for Group A and L-Z for Group B) so families with children in multiple schools are in school on the same days. Families with multiple last names will default to the oldest student in the household’s last name, and individual schools will work as much as possible with families who need to group together for childcare purposes.

    On Fridays, Groups A and B will be rotated approximately every other week according to a posted calendar.

    ALL Kindergarten students will operate on the A and B schedule. All-Day families will have payment prorated for time not in All-Day, everyday Kindergarten.

    All schools will work to facilitate the fullness of district programming, on a reduced schedule and modified learning plan when appropriate, including elementary Related Arts, academic interventions, gifted programming, and instrumental music.

    School practices such as meals, related arts, etc., may (will) be altered to promote student health and safety. Parents should expect some changes to current food policies in order to protect students who have food allergies.

    To minimize contact and social distancing, students in middle and high schools will not be able to utilize lockers. In addition, school staff at all levels will create signage and instruct students to follow “one-way” hallways when possible. Finally, no field trips and large-group student events will be planned for at least the first semester.

    Teachers will engage with students for face-to-face learning on assigned “at school” days, facilitating new learning experiences based on academic standards, and prepare students for independent work on their’ assigned “at home” days. There is no expectation that teachers will connect specifically with students during students’ “at home” days, as teachers will be facilitating face-to-face learning with the other group of students.

    Students will work to complete assignments with access to their grade-level learning platform, Seesaw for grades K-5 and Schoology for grades 6-12. In these platforms, students can access a variety of videos, lessons, templates, assignments, virtual tutorials, and other tools to support their “at home” work.

    Teachers will be expected to maintain productive communication with families and students using the common learning management systems.

    Attendance at school is counted for attendance, which follows State and Health Department guidelines for operation. There is an expectation for students to complete assignments during the asynchronous, at-home, practice days

    During the Remote Schedule

    All students are assigned to work/learn from home using our common learning management system. At grades Pre-K to 5, that system is Seesaw; at grades 6-12, the system is Schoology. Students will be expected to “attend” class virtually daily and to complete/turn in assigned work.

    New instruction, completed assignments, and student feedback will be delivered to students virtually using the learning management system. Elementary Teachers will be expected to conduct synchronous (teacher present at the same time as the learners) lessons via the learning management system and video conferencing tools a minimum of three hours per day, five days per week. In addition, teachers will connect with individual students or small groups of students for feedback and tutorials an additional four to five hours each week, as determined by individual learning needs.

    Middle and High School Teachers will be expected to provide daily learning and assignments to students per the school calendar. Grading will be based on the traditional, letter grade format.