Master Facilities Planning - Phase 2

  • In January 2021, a new community task force was formed in order to determine the path for Phase 2 of our Master Facilities long-term plan. 

    The community selected the task force.  As a district, we sent invitations to a wide range of community groups such as PTA’s, the library, townships, civic organizations, etc… and they determined who would represent their group.  The task force will review the plan created by the original task force, they’ll update the data and they will engage the larger community over the next ten months to determine the best next steps for our district.  

    The Master Facilities Task Force made their recommendations to the Worthington School Board in January 2022. They recommended that Phase 2 of the plan should be a replacement of Thomas Worthington High School and renovations to Worthington Kilbourne High School. This mirrors the original recommendations from Phase 1, but it does not include the replacement of an elementary school. Over the past several years construction costs have skyrocketed in our region and the cost of high school rebuilds and renovations will far surpass what was expected back in 2018. That said, this is an exciting recommendation!

    Task Force Presentation

    First, it is a unifying recommendation. After several years of strife and conflict caused by the pandemic and social unrest, all students in Worthington Schools will benefit eventually from high school improvements. Second, this is a necessary recommendation. Thomas Worthington as a physical school does not meet community standards. It lacks space, natural light and doesn’t allow for flexible space necessary for modern learning. Worthington Kilbourne is 30 years old and needs renovation and system upgrades in HVAC, roofing, and additional flexible space. In order for Worthington to remain competitive and a district of choice, these changes need to be addressed.

    Obviously, not all needs are able to be addressed right now. We know a third and likely fourth phase of work will be needed over the next decade to address elementary schools. Phases 1 and 2 together will have transformed our 6th-12th grade schools. Elementary will still need to be addressed.

    This community-led plan has been presented to our school board and will ultimately be presented to our community as a bond issue, likely at the end of 2022. By phasing the work we are able to maintain our state-mandated debt limits and hopefully make the work more affordable for community members.

An Outline Of The Facility Planning Process

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