District Finance Update

  • Worthington Schools is on the November 2022 ballot with a combined bond issue and permanent improvement levy and an incremental operating levy (two issues):


    • The $234 million bond issue will provide resources to complete Phase 2 of the Master Facilities Plan, which calls for rebuilding Thomas Worthington High School and renovating Worthington Kilbourne High School. The permanent improvement levy will provide a designated funding source for school buses, maintenance of our facilities, back-end technology, playground equipment, and furniture.

    • The operating levy will fund daily operations that will help keep up with inflation and our growing student enrollment.

Treasurer TJ Cusick

Finance FAQ (Click the question for the answer)

  • How did the district come up with this plan?

  • What happens if the ballot issues pass?

  • What happens if the ballot issues do not pass?

  • How much will this cost taxpayers?

  • Who pays taxes to Worthington schools?

  • Why does Worthington need to go back to residents for more funding?

  • How does the new school funding formula impact Worthington?

  • How has Worthington managed its expenditures?

  • What about the federal COVID funding? Didn’t schools get an influx of funds?

  • Didn’t we just pass a levy?

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