Student Safety

  • The safety and well-being of our Worthington Schools students, staff and community is our top priority. The Student Safety section of the website is here to provide the community with information on safety initiatives that are ongoing across the district. 

    We are committed to providing a school culture where every student knows they have a trusted adult in their school that cares about them and believes in them. As a community member, please know that you can help students by:

    • Listen to the young people in your life. Take the time to engage in active conversations. 
    • Check your child's social media accounts, photo streams and text messages. 
    • If something bothers you, do something. Don’t let yourself be talked into a narrative of inaction. 
    • If you have concerns about someone else’s child, call them. While it could be uncomfortable; ask yourself one question, “if someone has concerns about my child’s safety and health, would I want to know?” If you have concerns, make the call. It could save a life.  
Safe Schools Hotline (866) 871-0926

Contact For Safety Concerns

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