Worthington Hills Elementary
    1221 Candlewood Drive
    Columbus, Ohio 43235
    (614) 450-4700
    (614-785-0512) fax

    Mission Statement:

    Worthington Hills Elementary is a school that is committed to providing students with strong foundations, self-confidence, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and global intelligence through unique opportunities which encourage our students to embrace a love of learning.

    The "Hawkeye" Approach:                                      

    • I am Kind
    • I am Safe
    • I am Cooperative
    • I am Respectful
    • I am Responsible

    The “Hawkeye” Approach
     is designed to help create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, respect and safety at Worthington Hills.   

    The “Hawkeye” Approach is based on seven guiding principles.  We believe these principles will help create an optimal learning environment for the students at Worthington Hills Elementary School. 

    The guiding principles are:

    1. Clear expectations for student behavior
    2. Clear and consistent strategies for teaching appropriate behavior.
    3. Clear and consistent strategies for encouraging appropriate behavior.
    4. Clear and consistent consequences that discourage inappropriate behavior.
    5. support system and individual behavioral programs for students with unique or exceptional needs.
    6. Clearly designed methods for evaluating and revising The “Hawkeye”Approach.
    7. Clear plans and strategies for communicating the characteristics and philosophy of behavior plan to students and parents.