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  • Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year

    Posted by Laura Brown on 8/10/2020

    Dear Worthington Hills Families, 

    I want to take a moment to say thank you to our wonderful school community.  I’ve been in contact with many parents over the past few weeks in anticipation of the 2020-2021 school year.  These conversations have been a great reminder to me about just how amazing the Worthington Hills community is.  My conversations with parents have been overwhelmingly positive and the support from our community is abundant.  

    Although the school year ahead will be unprecedented and is going to be full of challenges, I leave these conversations feeling like the right tone is being set for the school year. We are certain we will be able to work together to help you and your child have a positive learning experience for the 2020-2021 school year.  We miss you and can’t wait to be in our classrooms with all of you again. 

    We hope the information below is helpful and answers many of your questions.  Please feel free to call at 614-450-4700 or email me at aseiling@wscloud.org if further clarification is needed or if you have any questions specific to your child.


    Allie Seiling

    Class Lists - Class lists will be emailed to families on Monday, August 17.  To avoid mass gatherings, we will not be posting lists at the building.  Once lists are shared, teachers will be reaching out to families to schedule virtual meetings and introductions.

    Remote Learning Schedule - We are receiving many questions regarding Worthington’s remote learning schedule.  While we do not have an exact schedule yet, we are expecting it will be finalized and announced to parents early next week.  What is certain with remote learning is that students will have virtual instruction with teachers daily, as well as independent work to complete.  In other words, students should plan on being part of their class every day.  

    Following the district announcement of the remote learning schedule, individual grade levels will share the remote learning schedule specific to their grade level. 

    Loaning School Chromebooks - Many have asked about borrowing school Chromebooks during remote learning.  If you need a school Chromebook, please contact Laura Brown at lbrown@wscloud.org.  We will have loaner Chromebooks, along with other necessary materials/resources prepared for distribution at Meet the Teacher.

    Supply Kits - We’ve received inquiries about supply kits and supply lists. If you purchased a supply kit through our PTA, it will be prepared for pick-up during Meet the Teacher.  For new families and those who didn’t purchase the kits, the supply lists for all grade levels can be found on our school website here. 

    If your child is in need of school supplies, please contact Laura Brown at lbrown@wscloud.org

    Meet the Teacher - Students in grades 1-6 will meet their teacher in person individually on August 25, 26, or 27.  During these individual meetings, students will spend a half hour with their teacher to establish a relationship and complete assessments to help our teachers better understand student learning needs.


    While at school, we expect all staff, students, and parents to follow these safety protocols:

    • Vigilantly assess symptoms 

    • Comply with face coverings policy 

    • Maintain social distancing of six feet   

    • Wash and sanitize hands to prevent spread  

    Students will enter their grade level door rather than the front entrance to assist with social distancing.  Students will wait outside their grade level door until their teacher greets them at their designated time.  


    The doors will be labeled by grade level with teacher names.  

    • First, second, and third grade doors are located on Candlewood Drive side of the school  

    • Mrs. Mikkelson (third grade) is located in Modular 1 which can be accessed from Candlewood Drive

    • Fourth and fifth grade doors are located on the playground side of the school.  

    • Sixth grade classrooms are in modulars 2, 3, and 4

    Parents will wait in their vehicles while students are with their teacher.  Additional staff will bring out school supply kits (if purchased from PTA), prepared classroom materials/resources, textbooks, and loaned school chromebooks. 

    Children enrolled in the Ohio Online Learning Program (OOLP) will not need to attend Meet the Teacher.

    School Pictures - Postponed until a later date.

    Virtual Curriculum Night - Individual grade levels will communicate with families about the date/time as well as the Zoom information for participating in the virtual curriculum night.  

    Updating Your Family’s Information Via the Worthington Schools Website -  Every year Worthington School District parents must update their child’s emergency data in order to provide the school with accurate contact information.  Please complete this important task by August 30, 2020. 

    To review and update your child’s information go to the District website at www.worthington.k12.oh.us:

    1. Click on “PORTAL LOGIN” under Find It Fast in the middle of the home page.

    2. Enter your Username and Password. If you do not know your Username and Password please call the school office at 614-450-4700.

    3. Click the “WORTHINGTON PORTAL” icon

    4. Login to the Worthington Portal

    5. Click the “EMERGENCY DATA REVIEW” icon

    6. Click each link to View/Verify/Change data

    7. When complete, click submit

    Important Information to Review:

    • Household Information – Home Address and Custody Note: you cannot change your address in the system.  You will be given a link to the Change of Address form and asked to contact the Welcome Center at 614-450-6112.  Nor can you change custody information. For a change in custody you will need to complete the Custody Affidavit found under the Welcome Center tab on the Worthington District website.

    • Parent Information – Cell and work phone; email address; and notification preferences (note that both the school and district use email as a primary notification to parents on a regular basis so there should be at least one email used for emergencies, high priority and general basis)

    • Student Information 

    • Health Services Information - It is important that we have working telephone numbers for two Emergency Contact persons as well as parent(s).  We will use the Emergency Contacts if we are unable to reach a parent when a student is missing from class.  We also appreciate the name and phone number of your child’s Primary Care Provider; Preferred Dentist; M.D. Specialist (if applicable); Preferred Hospital and if you consent or are refusing to consent to medical treatment for your child in an emergency.  All Medical or Mental Health Conditions should be listed as well as any medications (both prescription and over the counter) taken by your child on a regular or emergency basis.

    • Release Agreements - Two of the three Release Agreement statements should be completed with either a “yes” or “no” indicator.  The Permission for Release of Directory Information has been expanded to give parents more options.  Please review the Permission Release of Directory Information carefully.  If you indicate the last option to deny requests for student information, you must also submit your request in writing to the school within two weeks from choosing this option.

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