• Welcome to Student Council!

    Student Council will meet once a month during Noon Options (see below) and our representatives will be involved in activities that benefit our school and surrounding community.

    These are some of the things that Student Council members will be doing:

    Student Council members will show leadership by modeling the “Partnership for Citizenship and Character” Word of the Month through their words and actions.
    Student Council members will be involved in service projects that include a Thanksgiving Food Drive and Pennies for Patients.
    Student Council members will be good school citizens by helping out with projects around the school, by being a leader in the school, and by helping fellow students voice their opinions.
    Student Council members will help promote monthly Friday spirit days as well as put together a school spirit week to get kids excited about Colonial Hills Cougar Pride.

    Ms. Skamfer and Ms. Wessel

    Student Council Advisors


    Student Council Reps


    Mrs. Boudrealt: Meredith, Lucy - Olivia - Alt.

    Mrs. Thurman: Lily, Willa

    Mrs. Underwood: Drew, Mary, Maria - Alt.


    Mrs. Deagle: Molly, Katie, Travon - Alt.

    Mrs. Riggs: Christian, Tricia, Nick - Alt.

    Mrs. Shepherd: Katie, Sabrina, Lynden - Alt.


    Mrs. Verhoff: Jack, Alaina, (Annasofia, Sayre -Alts.)

    Mr. Bisca: Sarah, Coen, Mylah - no alternates


    Mrs. Lanier: Elionai, Abby, Arianna - Alt.

    Mrs. Thornton: Eli, Harold, Gwenyth - Alt.


    Mrs. Keller: Lauren, Addison, Tamisha - Alt.

    Mrs. Sartor: Ishana, Andrea, Jaleisia - Alt.


    Mrs. Leonard: Frances, (Tiffany, Meg - alternates)

    Mrs. Puckett: Taria, Grace, Layden - Alt.