Dr. Trent Bowers

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    • Dr. Bowers is a proud graduate from Worthington Schools. He has 27 years of experience in public education and has served students and families as a teacher, coach, dean of students, and the principal of three schools. In addition, he has worked as the Director of Human Resources and Assistant Superintendent for the district.

    • On July 1, 2015, Dr. Bowers became the Superintendent of Worthington Schools. Trent has designed, built and opened several new schools, led contract negotiations, mediated personnel disputes, and led district-wide instructional improvement. He has taught leadership courses at the university level and has been a guest lecturer on data-based decision making. Trent communicates with the local community through his highly effective blog and multiple social networking sites.

    • Dr. Bowers holds a doctorate in educational leadership from Ashland University, a Masters in school administration from Ohio State University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Taylor University.  He lives in the district and has two children who attend Worthington Schools, in addition to being the parent of a graduate of Worthington Schools.

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