Worthington Alliance of Black Families & Educators

  • Worthington Alliance of Black Families & Educators

    Certified in 1988 as the Worthington Alliance of Black Parents, this organization remains true to its beginning which is to augment the total educational experience of students in Worthington Schools.

    The Alliance's goal is to raise the level of cultural awareness and provide an opportunity for fellowship. The organization also takes an active role in issues for the benefit of our entire community.

    WABFE’s Mission:

    To create a partnership between families of Black students (K-12) and Black educators in the Worthington City School District by providing the advocacy, resources, and enrichment needed to enhance the overall well-being, experience, and outcome of our Black students as they strive toward excellence.


    • To focus on students’ social, emotional, and academic well-being and success.
    • To support families in advocating for their student(s) and provide tools to amplify voices of families and students within the Worthington School district.
    • To be vocal and influential stakeholders in pertinent Worthington School district decisions.
    • To create a meaningful and effective network of strength, talent, and professional support for students’ educational needs.
    • To encourage culturally responsive environments in all Worthington Schools and help provide support for culturally relevant practices, events, and other opportunities. 
    • To provide information regarding PreK-12 events, assessments, opportunities, college and career planning, and scholarships.
    • To support families with pathways for social, economic, and mental health resources.


    Meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

    Upcoming dates:

    Wednesday, January 20
    Wednesdaay, February 17
    Wednesday, March 17

    Zoom links will be distributed prior to the meeting dates.


    Kisha Gunn - President 

    Rochelle Wilkerson - Vice President 

    Email us: worthingtonalliancebfe@gmail.com

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