Worthington Science Day Overview

  • The Worthington Science Day is a district wide science event for students in grades K-12.  Held annually in late January or February (based upon space availability), Science Day has grown to include a number of different options for students.  The events planned for the 2024 science day include:

    Science Fair - traditional student designed science experiments with results presented on a display board and in person following the guidance of the Ohio Academy of Science.

    Invention Convention - student-designed inventions following the guidance of the Invention League.

    Design Challenge - a student competition by age groups (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, high school).  Students are given a supply of items and a challenge.  They then use the items to design and build using the given supplies to best meet the task. Past examples.

    Robotics Competition - students enter this competition through their middle school technology teachers.  The competition is a local competition just for Worthington students that prepares students for the National Robotics Challenge (NRC) held each spring. Past example

    Cubing Competition - a local event which has been run by a parent support group where students compete to solve Rubik’s cubes in the fastest possible time. Past example

    Science Day can be a next step after a school’s science fair, or students can sign up and attend Worthington Science Day by their own choice.  The goal in creating Worthington Science Day was to give all students opportunities to engage in science, either through their home school, or the district science day.



      Science Fair Invention Convention Design Challenge Robotics Competition Cubing Competition
    Guidance Ohio Academy of Science Invention League Worthington Created NRC World Cubing Association
    Worthington age groups (grade) K-12 K-12 K-12 6-8 K-12
    Affiliate age groups (grade) 5-12 K-8 NA 6-8 All
    Project needed to enter Yes Yes No Yes No
    Competition Standards Based Standards Based Criterion Based Head to head competition Head to head competition
    Judges Scientists and engineers Scientists and engineers Various Team Coaches Parent Group
    Awards Certificate, Specialty awards, Next level competition Certificate, Next level competition Certificate Certificate Certificate
    Entry Fee None None None None None