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    Recent Projects

    Aux Gymnasium Floor Replacement at Thomas Worthington High School
                 Gym floor replacement at TWHS

    Boiler Replacement at Worthington Estates, Worthington Hills, WKHS
                 WKHS HVAC work being done
    Roofing at Granby, Liberty, Sutter Park, Worthington Estates (gym), Worthington Park
                 Roof repairs at Sutter Park
    Library modifications for Worthington Estates Elementary
                WES Library work
    Thermostatic Mixing Valves & Domestic Water Heater replacement at Brookside, Colonial Hills, WEC, Evening Street, Liberty, McCord, Worthington Estates
                Thermostatic mixing valve
    Elevator Replacement at the Worthington Education Center
    Entry/Exit Drive Improvements at Bluffsview Elementary
    Colonial Hills Cafeteria Tile Replacement
    TVSS on Switchgear replacements at most schools
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