School Safety Information

  • Safe Schools Hotline: 1 (866) 871-0926

    The primary concern of school personnel is for the physical safety, emotional well- being and civil rights of students and staff of Worthington Schools.

    • A crisis is any event in or out of school that has potential for disruption of the educational process. 
    • We believe that:
    • A well-defined plan will allow for timely interventions which will hasten the recovery process. 
    • There are four distinct areas of concern when dealing with crisis of which all are equally important.  (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery) 
    • A sensitive and caring approach must permeate the entire process. 
    • All information generated throughout this process is deemed confidential.  Sensitive methods must be in place for dissemination of information to the various publics, such as, students, parents, staff members, community members, law enforcement officials, news media outlets, etc. 
    • An effective plan includes a multi-disciplinary approach which will draw upon the strengths and expertise of many community and school district professionals.  (For example:  teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, psychologists and student support services personnel, community counselors and psychologists, pastors, law enforcement officials, firefighters, etc.) 
    • When school personnel are adequately prepared, trauma can be minimized and the time it takes to return to normal operation can be reduced. 
    • Crisis has similarities, therefore, materials can be prepared that will assist school professionals in the event of an emergency. 
    • The absence of a crisis management plan creates confusion which will cause a delay in providing needed services to students and staff.