Worthington Academy

  • Worthington Academy provides an additional educational setting for Worthington high school students that are credit deficient and/or looking for a different educational environment. Worthington Academy creates a safe, respectful environment that integrates technology, personalized instruction, and supportive relationships.

Worthington Academy Placement Includes

    1. Academic Focus A blended learning environment will support the individual needs of students including credit recovery, credit advancement, and personalized intervention.
    2. Career Exploration Students will have opportunities to explore career activities, opportunity for skill development, work experience, and potential credit through CBIP or Credit Flex. 
    3. Counseling Services Counseling services will be available to focus on development of self-esteem, reframing our situations to be structured for success, and work with students and families.
    4. Goal Setting Short and Long term goals will be established at Family Pathway Meeting. Goals will be monitored by students, staff, and communicated with family members.  

    Worthington Academy is located in the west end of Phoenix Middle School. With a secure, separate  entrance, students will experience a repurposed space focused on student learning. Access to technology, flexibility and building community were inspirations for the space design. 

    Courses offered
    Students have access to the APEX catalog of courses built around Social Studies, English Language Arts, Science and Mathematics. Personalized learning plans will help students gain credit through both required and elective courses. Explore more information about  APEX at www.apexlearning.comAll courses will be a blended learning environment where students will be able to engage in online content, learn at their personal pace, and engage with teachers in a small learning environment. The goal for student to teacher ratio is 15:1.

    A morning session from 8:45 - 11:30 and an afternoon session from 12:15 - 3:00 are offered to students. Students have the flexibility to take elective courses back at their home high school, participate in co-curricular activities and all aspects of student life. Worthington Academy works with students and families to develop a flexible plan that meets their individual needs. Times are built around district transportation lines. Buses bring Academy students from their home school at the beginning of their session and return to school. Students also have the option of driving to the Academy with the purchase of a parking pass.
    Worthington Academy is staffed by full-time Social Studies, English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science teachers. the school counselor and building administration are also part of the team.   
    Phone 614-450-4100
    Fax 614-781-0135
    • If you are interested in learning more about Worthington Academy, please see your school counselor.

    Worthington Academy Attendance Line (614) 450-4100

Pictures from the Worthington Academy program

Sean Flynn, Principal

  •      Sean Flynn