• The STEM Academy

    A Vision for STEM Education
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         Worthington Industries PLTW
    The vision for STEM education for Worthington City Schools is to engage students in a rigorous integrated PK-16 inquiry-based education that substantially increases the numbers of youth who possess not only the valuable skills of problem solving, logical thinking, and innovating, but who graduate from high school both college and career ready.  

    We believe it is vital that we prepare students for an increasingly global economy. Due to technological advances and the presence of the world-wide web, Americans will compete with people from all over the world for the high tech high wage jobs of the future. We must improve the quality of America’s workforce by ensuring that students become effective critical thinkers, communicators, problem solvers, innovators, and inventors. We believe the most impactful way we can teach rigor (Core Knowledge), and relevance, (meaningful connections to what society needs from us), is through an integrated collaborative approach in which our math, science, English/language arts and technology teachers work collaboratively.  Worthington’s STEM instructional model emphasizes the integration of course content with an emphasis on applied problem solving through real-world relevant project based lessons.  Inquiry is at the heart of the STEM program. An emphasis of Worthington STEM is the development of a “Can Do” attitude with the students.  This attitudinal growth should manifest in a way that students become so proficient and comfortable with core content knowledge AND design processes and problem solving models that they are comfortable with engaging in complex, ill-defined problems in a dynamic setting.  

    Worthington’s STEM program also places an emphasis on taking the students out into real world (field trips) settings as well as bringing the real world to our students.  Both college faculty and industry professionals are involved in mentoring and assisting in the evaluation of student work.

    In Worthington, STEM is a verb (not a noun) which prepares students to face the dynamic and complex issues waiting for them in the adult world.  At Thomas Worthington, students who choose to join the STEM Academy become part of a small learning community where a common group of teachers share a common group of students.  A common theme of engineering runs through each course curriculum.  

    Partnerships With Columbus State,  Honda, Abbott Labs & Worthington Industries

    In Worthington, we are developing a partnership with Columbus State Community College,Honda of America, Abbott Labs and Worthington Industries.  Students do not have to be in the STEM Academy to take advantage of this opportunity, but the experience will be highly beneficial if possible employment at Honda, Worthington Industries or Abbott labs is a goal.  Our Project Lead The Way teachers will guide students and parents along the way.