• The Worthington Early Childhood Program at Sutter Park Preschool is designed so that preschool children with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) receive educational services in an environment with typically developing peers. The play-based preschool program focuses on providing educational opportunities for all preschool children which will enable them to grow, develop and learn from one another. 

    For families interested in sending their child to Sutter Park as a typically developing peer role model must be pre-approved by the Sutter Park Preschool office before enrollment can begin. Children placed as typically developing peer models must be potty trained and score age appropriate on two questionnaires. The tuition is $135.00 per month, parents must provide their own transportation, and families must reside in the Worthington School District to attend Sutter Park. 

    For families of students who are already on an IEP and have recently moved into the district, please call our office for directions on the next steps in the enrollment process. 

    For families wanting their child to be evaluated for special education, please give our office a call. 

    Questions about enrollment? Call our office at 614-450-4900.