With the passage of the 2012 Worthington Schools bond levy, a line item was set aside to improve technology within the Worthington Schools. In order to ensure the most efficient and effective use of these resources - a team of students, teachers, administrators and community members met regularly throughout the 2013-2014 school year to create the master technology plan and set the direction for the school district. 
    Plan Summary
    • Worthington will create a robust technology and electrical infrastructure (servers, file storage, routers, switches, bandwidth, high density access points, etc...) that will meet the demands of today and the yet unknown demands of the future.

    • Worthington will strive for 1:1 computing for all students.  This will be accomplished by providing district mobile devices at a ratio across the school district at 1 device for every 2.5 or 3 students.  This will allow students and teachers to have access to devices on-demand and in a flexible manner.  Devices will be allocated based upon student need and not necessarily equally in all schools.

    • Worthington will establish a computer lending library at each school where students can check out a device and 4G access points so students who need a device at home overnight or on the weekend can continue their learning.

    • Worthington will pair district devices with a Bring Your Own Device plan and the school district will provide families with a list of recommended devices for students to use in class.  (Paired with Worthington provided software and cloud services, 90% of Worthington students would be served adequately with a $220.00 lap-top such as this making BYOD a reality for most families)

    • Worthington will implement an instructional management system that is single sign-on to simplify online learning, virtual classrooms, digital learning materials, etc..  (A system such as the iLearnOhio Learning Management System.)

    • Worthington will create a technology professional development learning plan to help all teachers integrate digital resources and technology into their instruction.

    Worthington Schools Tech Plan