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Interim & Walkabout

Interim is an annual program where students explore learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors participate in this program.

Interim has been a part of Linworth since 1985. Originally, the program was called Creative Interim and involved on-site artistic experiences. Students now venture outside the Linworth building, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles, to find new knowledge and gain experience.

Working with an Interim advisor, each student designs their own week-long exploration. Students may choose to study anything they wish to do as long as they are learning something not taught in a normal classroom. Staff and parental permission are necessary for all Interims.

During the week, students keep detailed records of their progress. Upon returning to Linworth, each student presents an overview of his or her Interim experience to the community.

The Walkabout program of the Linworth Campus of the Worthington High Schools is the result of the successful merger of the school and the community.

Since 1975, joint efforts of community professionals and tradespeople and the Linworth staff have provided over 600 students with an experiential component to a curriculum of academic coursework.

The Linworth “Walkabout” program, which derives its name from the Australian aboriginal rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood, marks a transition from youth and school to adulthood and community life. It is designed to develop the skills, attitudes and values of responsible adulthood. Central to the program is the belief that being tested in a classroom setting doesn’t prove the ability to apply the knowledge. The test of Walkabout, and of life, is not what a student can do under a teacher’s direction, but what he or she can do as an individual.